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Night Guards & Snore Appliances

Do you grind or clinch your teeth?

If you suffer from snoring or teeth grinding, we have the products to help you at Arrowhead Dental Arts. Few know these conditions can actually be prevented by relieving the tension in your mouth as you sleep. You may be able to benefit from our innovative products.

In order to determine if you eligible you must suffer from the following symptoms:

  • Tension headaches
  • Stiff or sore neck, jaw, or shoulders
  • Facial and sinus pressure or pain
  • Migraines

Use the NTI Device to Suppress Tension in Your Jaw

The NTI device is worn during sleep and is virtually invisible. By wearing this regularly while you sleep, the NTI device can retrain the muscles in your face and prevent you from grinding and clinching your teeth—two things which can cause all the previously mentioned symptoms. This is the first clinically proven non-drug method to prevent migraines.

Do you suffer from snoring?

Millions of people suffer from snoring. If you are among this
population, we can provide Silent Nite devices that can help! These devices are thin, flexible, and have displayed clinical success for preventing unhealthy snoring. It is a comfortable and durable solution to your snoring problems.

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