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  • Over 25 Years Of Experience
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Root Canals

Root Canals at Arrowhead Dental Arts

Afraid of a root canal? Don't be!
At our Phoenix sedation dentistry office, we offer one of the most comfortable root canal procedures in the greater Phoenix area. Root canals are infamous for pain and discomfort, but we can change your perception of this procedure. Our team performs root canals in a way that makes what would make a seemingly scary experience a surprisingly manageable one.

Our root canal methods include:

  • Using the latest technology
  • Flexible nickel titanium files to clean out the canals
  • Using a soundless electronic motor handpiece
  • Measurements are taken with a tissue resistance meter that is completely painless

For more information about our root canal procedure or sedation dentistry, call us today at (623) 979-1085. We can help you set up an appointment and perform the procedure in no time.